More than 800 new plugins have been added to the WordPress Plugin Directory since my November coverage, showcasing the best of these new WordPress plugins. This month, we take a look at 15 more plugins that add some pretty cool functionality to your blog!

oQey Gallery is a Plugin for WordPress that let users create and manage flash slideshows with a non-flash version of gallery built-in for all non-flash browsers and mobile devices like iPhone / iPad / iPod etc. The flash version supports music and skins, so users can change the way it looks with a few simple clicks. Customizable, commercial skins are also available as well as custom galleries for professionals. This plugin uses built-in WP functions and a simple batch upload system. Multiple galleries are supported.

Fullscreen HTML Editor by jbleuzen

This plugin adds a button to the default WordPress editor entitled “Fullscreen.” Like the name suggests, clicking on this button maximizes the editing screen so you can completely focus on your writing.

Specific CSS/JS for Posts and Pages by techtastico

Specific CSS/JS for Posts and Pages is a plugin that allows you to add custom CSS or Javascript files or embeded code in header to individual posts or pages. This is great for blogs that want to have a custom look/feel for each post, like that of Jason Santa Maria or Dustin Curtis.

Comment Location Tracker by jason.grim

This plugin can be useful but is also somewhat creepy - it lets you track which city and state your commentors are from by tracing their IP address.

WordPress Donation Plugin with Goals and Paypal IPN by

The WordPress Donate Plugin allows you to create unlimited donation campaigns with goals, capture donor information and gives a donation progress for each campaign! The plugin integrates with PayPal IPN and updates a progress meter in real time. Donors that choose not to be anonymous can be seen in a table.

Simple Local Avatars by jakemgold

Adds an avatar upload field to user profiles if the current user has media permissions. Generates requested sizes on demand just like Gravatar! Simple and lightweight.

Comments Capcha Box by digitalzoomstudio

This plugin creates a capcha box before your submit button in the comments section to prevent all that unwanted spam. It comes with a mini-admin panel and love.

Search Engines by Luis Alberto Ochoa

This is YASEOP - Yet Another Search Engine Optimization Plugin! Search Engines is a smart plugin that helps you to optimize the blog for SEO purposes by eliminating issues with duplicate content and specifying meta tags and page titles for different posts types and taxonomies.

Facebook Fanbox (with CSS Support) by ppfeufer

Adds a likebox for your Facebook fanpage to your wordpress-sidebar. Use your own CSS to style the box to your needs (fully customisable via css). Just add the ID of your Facebook fanpage and you are ready to go.

Timeline Calendar by omidkorat

A plugin for make your own timeline calendar. With this plugin, you can add your own events and show them via widget or special php code in your template. This plugin displays your events in specified dates (that you already set). For instant if your birthday is February 3, in Feb 3 your birthday message will be display. In addition you can display yesterday and tomorrow events too.

Related posts slider creates a very attractive slider of the related posts or/and pages for a WordPress post or page. The slider is a lightweight jQuery implementation of the related post functionality. It has a ready shortcode and widget as well to insert the slider.

Max Foundry Landing Pages by maxfoundry

Quickly create great-looking landing pages using a built-in template that is highly customizable. The template gives you complete control over a number of configurable options, and is a big timesaver for creating different versions of landing pages to use for A/B testing.

Facebook Fan Box Cache by dilbert4life, electriceasel

A plugin to cache the Facebook Fan Box. As the author says, “this plugin was written to take care of a serious issue. We were getting horrible load times on any page that contained the Facebook Fan Box iframe code. Especially during the evenings when everyone else in the world AND their mother was on Facebook playing Farmville and asking ME to join them. I wanted nothing of it, and I didn’t want my website to suffer the consequences. So after some research, I wrote up this plugin.”

WordPress Plus Points by andrew.alba

This is an interesting plug-in that allows you to log your meals and let you know how many Plus Points you use in relationship to your targeted daily plus points. It’s useful for personal (more private) blogs that are mainly for self-help purposes.

Graceless Degradation by drench

Graceless Degradation checks to see if the current browser is MSIE 6. If it’s not, it does nothing. If it is, it injects CSS and JavaScript into the page that:

  • Puts Comic Sans fonts everywhere!
  • Makes emphasis tags (bold, italic, strong, and underline) blink! Even though IE doesn’t support the tag!
  • Turns tags into animated rainbows!
  • Finds “mailto:” links and tacks on animated mailbox graphics!


The last plugin is probably my favorite of the bunch, as it makes corny any blog when viewed in Internet Explorer 6. What better deterrent to using an outdated browser than every blog you view looking like a Geocities site?

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