I know I’m a little late, but I’ve recently discovered BrandStack, a brilliant website that allows designers to sell their brands, which are comprised of a logo and domain name. I’ve got my eyes on a couple of logos that I may scoop up for a new project, however I couldn’t help but notice the massive amount of talent showcased there.

Here are 35 praiseworthy designs that you can buy right now, some with domain names:


That wraps up the long list of some of the noteworthy logos for sale on BrandStack. A note about the last two - while their logos are pretty good, I added them to the list mainly for the great potential their domain names have. Also, kudos to LogoGuppy, who has the most logos on this list and an excellent portfolio! A big thanks to the designers themselves too for their hard work, best of luck selling these great brands!

If you have any experience with the whole buying process at BrandStack, I’d love to hear your thoughts, since I’m in the market for a logo myself.