And we’re back! First off, apologies for the dry spell in new blog posts over the past 3 months - I’ve been incredibly busy with a new job, moving to the Bay area, family/personal issues and a buildup of client work (all at once!). Thankfully things have settled down quite a bit and I should have some time each week to dedicate to DevGrow and my other pet projects.

New Job

I’ve started a new job as a front-end engineer and designer for a startup in the Bay area. It’s a small startup with big ambitions, and I’ll be updating you guys on the lessons I learn while working here from time to time.

New Design

The new design is aimed at being as minimal as possible. Gone are the plethora of share buttons, excessive images and unnecessary features - all that remains are the tools needed to read the blog and navigate the archives. I’m also trying a left-aligned design, however if I find it uncomfortable I’ll likely center it within a few weeks (or days?).

Upcoming Posts

I wanted to start a new chapter of DevGrow, one that focuses more on my personal experiences and the knowledge I gain from the various projects I work on. This means less ‘Top xyz Programs to Build Traffic’ and posts aimed at beginners, instead I want to focus more on the technical and analytical side of things. Hopefully this will do two things: a) make it easier to come up with topics to write about and b) create an archive of useful thoughts for future reference.