It turns out that the majority of readers here use either GoDaddy, Linode, MediaTemple or Host Gator as your current shared or VPS hosting provider. Somehow GoDaddy had the most votes (by a small margin) and, at least for me, is the most surprising result. Here’s a pretty pie graph of the complete spread:

For those of you who use GoDaddy, I am very curious - why did you decide to go with them? While I use them to host over 40 domain names, I find their overall site and service to be completely gimmicky, spammy and a cluttered mess of sales pitches. I only use them for domains because it is a bit of a pain to transfer elsewhere, though I may just take the plunge and do that soon, ridding myself of the awful user experience that is

Thankfully, Linode was the second most popular host. I’ve been recommending them from before they started sponsoring DevGrow and I cannot say enough good things about their overall service, including bang-for-buck, reliability and customer care. I’ve used them all in the past - 1and1, DreamHost, Host Gator, Slicehost, BlueHost and Media Temple - and NOTHING compares to Linode. On that note, however, it is not for everyone. You have to have a general idea of how to configure your own server to get things working properly, or at least have some interest in it to follow along their stellar guides and tutorials. Someone without any experience can be up and running in a few hours and get everything working smoothly over a day or two. The benefits are well worth it, from the total control you have over your server to the knowledge/experience you gain.

Have some more insight into the hosts I listed out? Provide your feedback in the comments!

New Poll: What Code Editor Do You Use?

I’m curious as to what code editor you guys use on a daily basis. Also, what do you use it for - programming or CSS/HTML? I wish there was a way I could get more info directly in the poll itself but additional details will have to wait until I post the results.

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