Select projects featured on DevGrow:

  • Sharebar

    The Sharebar WordPress plugin allows you to add a floating bar to your blog posts and pages that allows your visitors to share the page on any number of social networks (completely customizable by you).

  • jQuery Mobile MVC

    A simple starting point template for more complex jQuery Mobile applications that utilizes an MVC architecture.

  • iPhone Style Switches

    Minimal iOS-style "on/off" switches that can manipulate radio buttons or checkboxes.

  • jCollapsible

    Turn any list element into a collapsible block. One particular use of this plugin is to give comments the ability to expand or collapse based on a link or icon.

  • SliderNav

    SliderNav is an experimental navigation system that utilizes mouseover effects to let users scroll through a very long (usually alphabetically sorted) list of items.

  • Griddy

    Griddy is a simple plugin that lets you overlay a grid on top of any website.

  • Buttons: CSS3 | Dark | PSD

    A variety of CSS button tutorials and Photoshop templates.

  • Photoshop Invoice Template

    Use this Photoshop template to create clean and simple invoices for your consulting clients.

  • WordPress Subscribe Box

    This tutorial covers how to add a 'Subscribe Now' box to the sidebar of your WordPress blog.